Hand-hooked Rugs & Whimsical Folk Art at Old Crow Farm

It seems that 2018 is whizzing by...and we are into Summer already!!! I am still having fun hooking rugs and gardening at my little cottage home. The months seem to fly by...but, thankfully, I am enjoying each season as it comes!

My Pattern Project is still "on hold" for the present. I will post here if or when I am able to get started with it once again! Since I am primarily a folk artist creating either wholly original work or original adaptations of ancient art, medieval art, etc. there are not many rugs that lend themselves to patterns.

I will certainly post here and on my Blog if I get back to making rugs that are easily converted to patterns for others!!!

For those of you who have asked...
(My hand hooked rugs range in price from approx $300.00 to $1,500.00, depending upon the size and the design. I will post here on the website when any are available.

Thank you for visiting! In this tranquil setting, I hope you will enjoy traveling back with me to a time of "simple folks and gentle pleasures".

These days, my inspiration comes from vintage hooked rugs, old painted furniture, American and European folk art, fraktur illustrations and antique embroidered samplers.
Here at Old Crow Farm, I feature my original designs and I also enjoy hooking a limited number of reproductions. My finished work can be seen and purchased directly from me when available.

Most of my designs use #3, #4, #5, #6, and #8 cut strips and are hooked in the folk art style. You may hook them in any style you want...!!! :)

Regarding copyright: My original rug and pattern designs are copyrighted and may not be copied or used for commercial purposes... as that is what I get to do with them myself! They will be for personal use only...but you can enlarge more or reduce them for your personal use!

A special note: Please do not copy artist-original rugs or patterns. Many of our rug designers creating today work long and hard to design patterns for your enjoyment...and copying their work, even "just for my own use" is stealing! Please purchase their delightful designs from them and give them the proper credit.

I often will use permission free designs of antique art works and I will tell you that I have adapted the design from a work that is in the public domain.

My antique reproductions (or close adaptations) are from rugs/frakturs/samplers/etc. in the public domain and I do not claim copyright on the source designs. However, if I have adapted and used them in a new and creative way, my rug IS copyrighted.
Thank you for visiting! Happy Hooking! Sunnie : )

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